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 Tag Your Maps

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PostSubject: Tag Your Maps   Tag Your Maps EmptySun Jun 12, 2011 12:17 am

It seems to me, though I don't know why, people steal maps and claim them as their own. I've been dealing with this allot recently with Nazi Zombies Portable for which I admin a forum for NZP maps. People would take the maps and then redistribute them as their own and sometimes they went as far as to take developer maps and try to claim them. After the whole incident calmed down I suggested to all my mappers to tag there maps somehow. Like a texture with there name on it, and place it on a wall outside the map or have the death cam pointing at it. Something to show ownership of the map. I suggest you do the same. Now I realize a beta isn't even out or anything but this is a good habit to get into.
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PostSubject: Re: Tag Your Maps   Tag Your Maps EmptySun Jun 12, 2011 9:01 am

that's a good idea Very Happy
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Tag Your Maps
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